Laminated Handwriting Chart ~ but use your own font style!

So ~ I’ve shared my handwriting charts, but you prefer your own handwriting styles ~it’s easy to use the laminated method!

Just photocopy an A4 chart from your handwriting workbook and underline the letters, dash the middle line and laminate your chart ~ and viola!  your style font, but a wonderful, easy, fun method of teaching handwriting!

  • You can create a lower case page, upper case page and a combined Aa, Bb, Cc page!
  • Draw a red dot where a letter starts.
  • Draw  arrows to show direction of writing.
  • Draw a man in the margin; with his head touching the top line, his body touching the base line and his feet touching the bottom line

Another great tip ~ copy the font you use on your computer (Windows) in the following easy steps:

  1. Click Start, click Control Panel
  2. Double click on Fonts
  3. Right click in the spaces between font folders and right-click paste your font file you’ve copied. Close control panel.
  4. Now this font will appear in your font options in all your MS Word / Publisher and even email programs!
  5. Open MS Word and click on the fonts option, select the font you’ve just loaded
  6. Change the font size to between 28 – 48 and type away!


2 thoughts on “Laminated Handwriting Chart ~ but use your own font style!

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  2. Hey Nadene,
    A very nice blog, I must say. Glad I stopped by!
    I have a little query which you might be able to answer, it has been troubling me for quite some time… When we write “God” in cursive font, do I have to make the G like Times New Roman (similarly A in “Almighty” etc, basically all things related to God), instead of the capital cursive I am writing in?:)


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