Aesop Lapbook have a marvelous selection of free downloads! We downloaded Aesop’s Fables Lapbook and have thoroughly enjoyed making this lapbook!


Research and writing


Narrating & playing with character puppets










Some tips:

  • We left all Sonlight’s suggested weekly Aesop readings schedule for the year and covered the entire book as a project over a few weeks.
  • Do all the Aesop reading while they colour in or cut out, then do the written work and research.
  • Read some of the lesser-known Aesop stories of the same animals while they cut and paste.  This way they get a full picture of the animal’s characteristics.
  • Print on cardstock if possible.  I printed ours on paper and we reinforced the tab pulls by pasting another paper on the backs.  (I printed on paper for cost savings, to make cutting easier for little hands and to lessen the bulk of the final lapbook.)
  • Homeschoolshare has a lovely slide show showing how they created the lapbook for their 3 ring file.  We plan to bind ours in a folder.

Download yours and enjoy!

One thought on “Aesop Lapbook

  1. I love Aesop. I’m planning on ancients again for my daughter’s 6th grade year (next year). We’ll do Aesop again. 🙂 Such truth in many of those stories.

    Your Tagfoot widget looks GREAT! 🙂


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