Handwriting Tips – a free booklet

This 21 page comprehensive booklet  Handwriting Tips Booklet has pre-writing activities, physical games, skills, techniques and processes that we used to learn to write well.

Here is an overview:

  1. Large before small ~ physical exercises and games = fun ways to make letter shapes!
  2. 3D before 2D ~ all young children must use all their senses to learn
  3. Gross motor before fine motor ~ ideas to strengthen large muscles before using fine, small muscles
  4. spatial awareness – left/ right/ up/ down ~ an arrow chart –  EXCELLENT method for directionality!
  5. talk through every shape and movement of each letter ~ visual and auditory clues
  6. posture ~ helps stabilize and support the writing muscles
  7. good writing equipment ~ simple tools to create successful writing
  8. finger fitness ~ more fun activities and games
  9. practice makes perfect ~ as with all new skills 🙂

Visit my Handwriting Pages for more Practical Pages. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Handwriting Tips – a free booklet

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  2. What a great booklet! I’ve never actually thought through the handwriting process before. No wonder my kids are having such a hard time with handwriting! Do you have any suggestions for remedial? Helping older kids along? My kids are 9, 7, 6, & 4. I can easily apply these techniques to the younger two, but the older two are a little old for these exercises.


    • Mandi, most physical and occupational therapists could suggest specific exercises (and I’m not qualified), but my dd9 loved activities to strengthen muscles on the physio ball/ doing wheelbarrow walks on her hands down the passage! Let them knead dough, tear paper into small squares (use these for paper mosaic projects) or work with pottery clay … hope this helps 🙂


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