Free Tudor Lapbook

At last ~ our Tudor Lapbook for you to download for free!

How to file your lapbook

How to file your lapbook

Tudor Lapbook opened

Tudor Lapbook opened

This 16 page download includes the folding and assembly instructions, all the minibook templates and information to use to complete the minibooks and 2 biography notebooking pages on King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

The Tudor Topics:

  • Tudor Artefacts
  • What Tudor kings would and would NOT do
  • Hampton Court and Tudor Food
  • Tudor Entertainment
  • Tudor Monarchs
  • King Henry VIII’s 6 wives
  • William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare’s Language

2 thoughts on “Free Tudor Lapbook

  1. Oh happy day 🙂 thank goodness I have to take my time and type because I would sound like a babbling nut, I’m so excited!!! My 11 yr. old daughter and have just started Mystery of History Vol. 3: and since the time frame is during the Renaissance, the Tudor Monarchy is introduced which brought me to your Tudor lap book. Apart from being absolutely beautiful and creative, the instructions were easy enough to follow, being that this was my very first lap book. Thanks to the pictures, I was able to put it together and was so inspired by the material you provided I ventured to add a few things in the lap book by making it full size instead of half size. “Thanks” cannot begin to express how grateful and proud I am in successfully creating my first lap book. In appreciation for all your work and creativity, I would like to humbly share my ideas to add to yours for anyone who might be interested. Being a visual learner myself, I created (the 6) labeledTudor dynasty picture cards, using pictures found on Wikipedia. I cut them out using fancy scissors and pasted them on card stock, and finally laminated them. ex Henry VIII in a regal font, under his picture and then typed succeeded by: (next card) was Henry III , succeeded by and so on. I also created a cut and paste pocket for Tudor Royal armory and coat of arms, as well as pockets for Nicholas Hillard a court Artist, featuring his mini portraits on Queen Elizabeth I and other famous people of her court. And pockets on the Spanish Armada and its commander Alonso Perez de Guzman. I used info and pictures from Tudor history on Wikipedia. Another fabulous web site that I used was From them I included a family tree that has boxes for students to fill in. I just folded it in three and put it in the lap book. This site has a wealth of info which includes Tudor note book pages, crafts etc. From here I created a folder w/ topic sections on Tudor life. Last of all, after all this research, I was inspired to use regal scrapbook paper and scrapbook borders to cover the manilla folder as background for the lap book pockets. As a finishing touch I created a pretty cover sheet with the label of Tudor Times~ 1485-1603 along with a portrait of Elizabeth I. I placed it over some pretty scrapbook paper and hot glued a string of craft pearls around the portrait, and included a gem brooch with ribbon to make the cover look totally regal. Amazing what beautiful paper, borders and fancy crimp scissors can do for lap books. ps. The total cost of the individual scrap book paper sheets, the borders, and brooch cost me a little under $5. 🙂 Again, Thank you Nadene for your inspiration, your blessings have inspired me to follow in your footsteps~


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