Footprints Into The 21st Century

A rich collection of South African Literature

A rich collection of South African Literature

Footprints Into The 21st Century is a wonderful literature-based South African high school curriculum featuring an exceptional collection of living books for 12-16-year-old students.  It spans South African History from the South African War, World War 1 to the first democratic elections of 1994 and the emergence of a new democratic South Africa.

Image result for nelson mandela quotesThe curriculum covers eight historical periods and includes detailed outlines for the literature studies, faith-building reading, natural sciences studies and life skills activities. Footprints into the 21st Century features iconic leaders like Nelson Mandela, as well as other political  religious leaders, sports heroes, and famous South African artists and musicians.

This curriculum provides detailed guidelines, outlines and schedules and my 14 and 15-year-old daughters each completed almost all the reading and most assignments independently.  Most the assignments suggested followed a Charlotte Mason approach, with a variety of narration, research or presentation options.

We stretched this one year curriculum over 18 months, which gave us time to delve deeply and make the most of the experience.  You would need to buy a suitable Maths and 2nd language program to provide a complete highschool curriculum.

When I read the books and outlines, I remembered living in South Africa during the 1980’s apartheid era as a teenager and I was  emotionally moved by the content. However, my daughters viewed much of this as ‘mere’ history and I found that the content was suitable for a younger reader, yet challenging and thought-provoking.  Books like Faith Like Potatoes and The Seed Sower inspired our faith!

I am delighted that  we could study the rich heritage, history, culture, natural sciences, politics and geography of South Africa.  I highly recommend Footprints Into The 21st Century.

Blessings, Nadene

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  5. I am fascinated by South African history….though we are Aussies with no SA background whatsoever. We have read Cry and Journey to Jo’Burg. Can you recommend a book on SA history suitable for 10-16 yr olds? I recognise there is a lot of controversy and we would be looking for a book from a Biblical perspective. I had a look at the Footprints curriculum and it looks great, but too detailed for our needs. I wish there was an Australian Footprints though!


    • We loved Faith Like Potatoes (also available as DVD) and The Seed Sower, both written by Angus Buchan. He is a very well-respected SA evangelist and these stories are spiritually inspiring and uplifting. All Things Wild and Wonderful, is an autobiography written by Kobie Kruger, the wife of the chief game ranger in the Kruger National Park. She writes of her family’s life and amazing (and often funny) experiences living in the national game reserve. It is a “living book” that takes you, the reader, right into the wild of South Africa!


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