Footprints – a South African Education

A few years ago we used Footprints On Our Land – for ages 7-12-years, a literature-based, Charlotte Mason approached education, which explores the rich heritage, culture, history, fauna and flora and geography of South Africa.

Footprints map

Footprints map

Our family was fortunate enough to have a year to travel around South Africa. As we travelled and learnt and we discovered our own Footprints in South Africa.

Our Footprints map shows all the places we visited, people we met and picture discs of all the books we read in their geographical location.

This curriculum was an idyllic method to fully appreciate the diverse and interesting aspects of the history of South Africa.  But even without travelling at all, the Footprints curriculum package is a wonderful, rich learning experience for those who can read the amazing ‘living-books’, research online and go on some relevant outings!

One of the blessings of this period in our homeschooling with Footprints On Our Land was that I could use 1 package for all 3 girls.  My eldest, then 12-years-old, and my middle daughter, then 7-years-old, could manage and master the content and activities at their respective ages.  My youngest daughter was only 5-years-old, and could enjoy all the stories and hands-on activities!  (Little Footprints is an ideal curriculum for her age group!)

Girls find garnets in the gravel at Kimberley Big Hole

Girls find garnets in the gravel at Kimberley Big Hole

This curriculum provides Bible, Social Studies, Geography, Biology, Science, Language, Life Skills, Art and Crafts lesson ideas. You would need to get a grade-appropriate maths and phonics program to complete your full schooling requirements.

I will post more information on the Footprints into the 21st Century for 12-16-year-olds soon.

I highly recommend Footprints On Our Land!

13 thoughts on “Footprints – a South African Education

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  4. Thank you for your information about Footprints. We are Afrikaans, but I am planning to use Little Footprints for our sons ( now : 2.5yrs and 4.5yrs resp.) from about middle next year or so, and then on to Footprints on our Land. Just from the little I have read about it, there are a lot of places here in Natal that we can go to.


    • @Elize, I’m absolutely sure you and your family will enjoy your Footprints journey! May I humbly advise: Take your time with these packages and follow any and all the “side paths” and interests! Soak up all the subjects along with the stories! Do as many hands-on activities as you can too – it really adds a real fun and learning opportunities to your experiences. Even if you tour other areas of South Africa later, your children will still connect their Footprint stories to the places!
      @Steenkamp, I’m so glad you take joy in all the small things – they fit together in the great gift of homeschooling!:)


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