Sonlight- what I love!

Back in my first year of homeschooling I was filled with excitement and fear … so I ticked the boxes, stuck strictly to the schedule, kept the routine and generally stressed to keep it all together – Core 1&2 World History, kindergarten and my little 3-year-old playing happily near my side.

When I re-read my detailed comments I wrote at the bottom of the schedule’s columns some years later, I was utterly amazed!

  • that I wrote comments daily
  • that I commented on all 3 children
  • that I kept to the hectic farm life and homeschool schedule “doing it all’

Somehow, in the 8 years since my beginnings, I realized that each day is a positive learning experience if we:

  • can pray and sing and do our devotional together
  • do the basic disciplined studies/ desk work/ 3R’s within an hour or so
  • read, read aloud or look at the amazing detailed pictures of the Sonlight books
  • narrate – aloud/ write/ dictate / notebook or just tell Dad at supper

And if the stress is too much for a child (or the mom), we go and cuddle and read on the couch.  Homeschool is the most joyful Mommy experience!

I love the gentle approach.  I love the short lessons.  I love reading with a small child on my lap or a teenager lying nearby.  I love the story ending and us all sighing and wishing we could carry on.  I love hearing the girls beg, “Go on Mom!  Carry on!’   I love their excitement of new discoveries.  I love their notebooks and all their pages with their narrations. I love being able to savour the moments. I love the Lord’s gift to us of family being together all day … everyday!


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