Hands-on Sonlight

Buiilding castles

building castles

Dressing the part

Dressing the part

Mapping World War II

Mapping World War II

Sonlight World History Core 1&2 Hands-On has been a great!

I am re-using Core 1&2 with my younger 2 girls and made the decision to relax, stretch the schedule and do hand-on activities when we could this year.

The girls have made models, created  project pages, dressed  up, ate food from the country or era, played games in the time period, visited places, played online educational games and notebooked and lapbooked as many themes as we could.  These activities have been the highlights!  (I’ll share my list of themes, activities and websites for the major topics we enjoyed here soon!)

I highly recommend that you allow more time to ‘flesh out’ the schedule!  How can one spend only 1 day covering Japan?  Or take just 2 days to enjoy the Knights and Castles?  Sonlight has offered me a great framework and I have enjoyed this approach SO much more than my tick-the-box-stick-to-the-schedule approach!

Life is the learning journey!

9 thoughts on “Hands-on Sonlight

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  8. Hi!
    I’ve just dropped in from Jimmie Cottage. I love what I’m reading so far.
    We’ve just started with Sonlight, but I’m also extending the syllabus with more ‘hands on’ .. why rush, hey?
    Going to go and have more of a look around. 🙂


  9. I’m so glad you’re using Sonlight’s Instructor’s Guide as a tool not a taskmaster [smile]. Keep up the great work!

    I just found your blog, and I look forward to following your homeschooling journey in the days to come.



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