Children should be free in their play

Charlotte Mason listed some Rights of Children and said, “Children should be free in their play.”

Lara colecting flowers

Collecting flowers

Kate picking wild flowers

picking wild flowers

Make believe

Make believe

She advised that parents don’t crowd out their free time.  She ensured that lessons were kept short so that the children would remain attentive.  She gave them freedom to play and explore outdoors everyday.

I have watched my younger girls play with creativity and vigour and enthusiasm daily.  They often use the subject we are reading in their games.  They love to re-enact DVDs and videos and stories, so we have been careful what they watch.  Classics like “Emma” by Jane Austen and “Little Women” are favourites.

They love dress up clothes and I try make an outfit for them each season.  They have endless games wearing a bonnet and pinafore, or an American Indian squaw dress, or a corset and long skirt.  Boys love capes, a bow and quiver with arrows, a cowboy hat and chaps, or belts with swords.

We are fortunate to live in beautiful surroundings.  The girls love to pick flowers, collect egg shells that have fallen out of Cape Weaver nests and look for quartz stones.  We all love to find heart shaped stones when we go on walks on the farm.  Their collection of feathers, stones, sticks and fascinating objects grows weekly.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”  He loves them for their innocence and simplicity.  We are granting them such a precious gift when we let the children play.

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