Creating an Inspiring Home Atmosphere

Outside an authentic Cape cottage

Outside an authentic Cape cottage

We were fortunate enough to stay in an authentic restored Cape cottage for over month a few years ago.  There was no electricity except for a small solar panel and gas for the stove and geyser.  The house smelt of the reed and mud ceilings and thatch roofing.  It was cool in the hot Klein Karoo summer because of the thick stone walls and small, deeply recessed windows.  All the furniture was antique; even the odds and ends that decorated the shelves and sills were antique artefacts.  It was a home with atmosphere!

Charlotte Mason says,

“Ideas are held in that thought environment which surrounds the child as an atmosphere, in which he breathes in unconscious ideas of right living emanating from his parents. Every look of gentleness and tone of reverence, every word of kindness and act of help, passes into the thought-environment, the very atmosphere which the child breathes; he does not think of these things, may ever think of them, but all his life long they excite that vague appetency [relationship] towards something out of which most of his actions spring.”

Her words challenge me, but also they inspire me to create a home atmosphere where we honour the Lord.  In Col 3:12-17 we are told to, “put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness and long-suffering; bearing with one another, forgiving one another … but above all these things put on love …”

How blessed it is to homeschool our  children,  be at home with them,  and create a living atmosphere where they can flourish and grow!

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