Who I am In Christ

My young teenager needs to know who she is in Christ.

Knowing these promises will empower her to stand in faith and grow in grace.

40 days of focus is God’s way of establishing new understanding and establishing solid relationship with the His Words, His Ways and His Will.

So I created this 40-day Bible Study ~

Who I am in Christ 40 days

40-day calendar with promises and scripture references

Who I am in Christ scriptures

Full MKJV scripture verses for each promise

You are welcome to download your free Bible Study pages ~

Who I am in Christ 40 days ~ A 40-day calendar

Who I am in Christ ~ with full MKJV Bible verses


May I please add ~ The Word of God is living and able to change us.  We all need to know these promises, so feel free to use this for any age or group.  This calendar is not a strict 40-day schedule, but rather to use it to focus on 40 amazing promises.  It could also be used as a prayer calendar.

Wire Tree

We have been crafting the past few days … and ending off this year’s homeschooling.

We made  Jesse Tree ornaments with my new-found favorite corn starch clay.

I found plenty of Jesse Tree inspiration on Pinterest and printed out these basic Jesse Tree patterns  which Miss.L10 used to cut and shape her clay decorations.  These basic designs are perfect – ready to print and color in and mount on cardboard, or cut out from felt and sewn.  (I think I may still make a felt set as a gift for a family with 3 young boys who may enjoy doing the Jesse Tree next year.)

Some helpful research tips:

  • Pinterest is an incredible research tool – just type your theme in the search box and pin away!
  • I also open the pins I really like to read the original post.
  • Save text and images directly to my computer via OneNote.
  • OneNote automatically puts the reference under the copied insert and you can also quickly capture screen shots.
  • OneNote saves everything automatically and once you’re done you can go sort through the “unfiled notes” and drag and drop them into the notebooks and sections and rename any pages.

We usually use Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree devotionals.  Here is a good overview set out in a basic table at The Voice with the dates, person, event/ theme, scripture and symbol.

This year I decided to let my youngest make a wire tree.

We looked for a suitable rock. It be flattish underneath.  We found a great heart-shaped rock!

We used thin binding wire bought at a general hardware store.  Most our wire pieces were about 1m long.  A simple wrap around the rock and twist started the process.We kept adding more wires from different angles around the rock and twisted them all together.  Maybe 12 or so pieces formed the basic tree. We then folded each wire end doubled back to the trunk and twisted the wire to form a branch with a little looped end. 

We twisted several different length branches together to form a fairly sturdy branch with its side branches.

Finally we twisted some wire around the roots to bind them together and prevent them slipping off the curved sides of the rock.

A few more twists, added a few more branches, arranged the shape of the tree and it was done.

Now it is ready for our clay Jesse Tree ornaments.

Have you prepared for Advent?


Armor of God ~ Young Man

A long time ago

I created this poster

for my girls

Put on the full armor

Since then, there have been several requests for

a poster for a

young man

Here, at last ~

The Armor of God for a Young Man

Here’s your free download ~

Armor of God ~ Young Man

May your young sons be inspired to be spiritually dressed and prepared and to take their stand in the Lord.

You will find loads more free Bible posters, lessons, downloads, ideas and inspiration in my Bible Pages.


Scripture Prayer Calendar

Praying Mothers impact their children’s lives for the kingdom of God.

Over at Inspired to Action I downloaded Kat’s

Inspired to Action Prayer Calendar for Mothers.

Each day focuses on

  • a specific spiritual character
  • followed by a mother’s prayer for her children
  • & scripture reference

Each day you pray for your child’s Salvation,  their Growth in Grace, Love, Honesty/ Integrity, Self-Control and many more qualities.

I have loved praying specifically each day, and wanted to read the scriptures each day too …

… so I created a Scripture Prayer Calendar which now stands on my desk.

My kids read it too, which is a real blessing.

To make your own Prayer Calendar  (with updates)

Download the files ~

  1. Print out on card stock
  2. Cut out each page
  3. Fold and glue the 2 front covers and 2 back covers together for extra strength
  4. Fold and glue the attaching piece to the inside bottom of the front & back covers
  5. Punch 2 holes at the top each page
  6. Insert rings and it’s done!
  7. Use it for your own devotions or take a quiet moment to read the scripture and pray together.

Do you pray specifically for your children?  Share with us in the comments.


I have published this with Kat’s permission at Inspired to Action and acknowledging her use of Bob Hostetler’s original prayer list.

Christmas Blessings

Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard van Honthorst, 1656

May your Christmas

be centred on


With my blessings …

 … a small gift

(free download ~ print, concertina fold and glue together to form narrow booklet)

Christmas Carols Booklet 

A few English carols selected from 

Christmas Carols In English & Spanish with lyrics and guitar chords

compiled and posted last year by Amy Tuttle of

Fisher Academy International