Sketch Tuesday

We join Barb of  Harmony Art Fine who posts a new Sketch Tuesday sketch topic each week.

She encourages anyone to take part, even moms and Dads, and this assignment is completely open, so you can participate as often as you and your family want to.  She presents all the submitted sketches in a slideshow and the children love to see each other’s contributions.  It is totally FUN!

Read the advantages of participating regularly  that I have seen in our taking part in Sketch Tuesday.

Email sketches to by Monday each week and Barb posts a slide show of all the sketches with the next theme each Tuesday.

(You can click on the title below the photos here to see the original posts.  The most recent posts are at the top.)

Something Hot 001Something Hot 001 (2)

Something Hot

Tools 002 Tools 001


Crazy Fruit 001

Crazy Fruit

Clean Teeth 001 Clean Teeth 002

Clean Teeth

Zipper 001 Zipper 002


Something Cold 002 Something Cold 001

Something Cold

Something with C

Something begins with “C”

Favourite Food 002 Favourite Food 001

Favorite Food

Summer Fun 002 Summer Fun 001

Summer Fun!

art dogs 001 art dog 001


art-001.jpg (1537×1240)

Frame & Name

mushrooms 001


zipper 001


coffee mug 001


orange 001
orange 002


V 001

Something with ‘V’




Something from your Toy Box

Fall Colors

Something Crunchy



Something in the kitchen drawer


Sketch Tuesday ~ Something in a Smoothie

Sketch Tuesday ~ Logo


Something you put in a stew O’Keeffe style


Something that Glows


Painting Telephones

From My Wardrobe by Miss. K11


Something Pink by Nadene


Dinner Plate by Miss. L9

All 3 themes above from July Sketch Tuesday


Something Spicy


Something Poisonous


Something Crafty with thread, yarn or beads


Something with a Tail


Fruit Bowl (Some Maybe Things to do with Mom)


Something that begins with H


Something Purple


Something to cure a cold


Something with antennae


Sketch Something from China


Dental Fun!


Sketch Something that begins with R


Something with batteries~ Advantages of Sketching Weekly


Zoo Dwellers


Something With Words On It


Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Flowers




Sketch Tuesday ~ Kitchen Crazy!


To the Beach! Sketch Tuesday


Yummy Desserts ~ Sketch Tuesday


Sketch Tuesday – Bubbles


Sketch Tuesday ~ Reptiles from South Africa


Join Sketch Tuesday


I continue to add our art activities to this page, so please click on my RSS feed or subscribe to receive emails of my latest posts just under my Gravatar.

I hope these art lessons inspire you to give art a try in your homeschool! :)

I’d love to hear from you ~  if you have enjoyed a download, need advice or just wish to contact me, please feel free to write.  I will respond to your private email via the contact form on my About Me page.  :)


3 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday

  1. My son (7) loves drawing but he only draws soldiers and trucks. This is a wonderful idea for me to stretching him to drawing something different. I admitted that I have save enough pictures of armies and trucks.

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  3. Nadine, I’m excited to give Sketch Tuesdays a try, but my kids are much younger, six and seven. Any tips? And what is your favorite medium for young kids? Pencil and paper? I notice that your girls use more than this. I’m not an artist at all so the art supply aisle overwhelms me! Thanks, Mary

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